Saturday, 2 June 2012

To BB cream or not to BB cream, That is the Question!

Hey lovelies, so for today i thought i would show you my latest online purchase and give you my overall thoughts from the product. A few posts ago i was saying how i was on the hunt for the perfect BB cream and i now have a new found love for Lioele's Triple the Solution BB cream. Although i love it, i still wanted to test the waters a little bit and try some other ones, so i picked up the Skin 79 Super Beblesh Balm from the Gold collection. 

Much like the Lioele BB cream it offers 3 main functions which are; Whitening, UV protection and Wrinkle Improvement. Once again i can't comment on the wrinkle or whitening elements as i believe i will need to be using it for a longer period of time to notice a real difference. My favourite thing about this product would have to be the packaging. The packaging is very classy and is made with some type of plastic that gives the illusion of glass, and for some reason it is quite cold to touch. The glass-like effect also creates a shadow of the writing within the under layers which i thought was very different to any product i had seen. The product is also very hygienic because of the gold pump top which you distribute the product through.

Further, i find the consistency of the product to be quite smooth to touch and very easily blendable. I think it would work great on all skin types, especially those with dry skin, because it just glides on. I found this product to be of light coverage, so it would be great to even out skin tone and dilute any redness on the skin. However, it will not cover acne or harsh imperfections unless you pack it on and is generally more for everyday wear, not really a night out on the town with the girls. Overall, i like this BB cream, but i love my Lioele one more because i prefer the fuller coverage. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a natural finish (you feel like your not wearing any makeup!) and also people who prefer the light coverage consistency. I recon that this product may even work well under foundation as it is moisturising and can even out the complexion before more makeup is applied. The only thing i didn't really like about this product is that it has a strong scent of sunscreen, which lingers after application. The smell does get less noticeable throughout the day but that may be because you have gotten use to the scent. So if you are someone who can't stand the smell of sunscreen, this product will not be for you.  If anyone is thinking of buying this product i would suggest stores like prettyandcute that sell them for around $22. Other than online boutiques, eBay is another option, but be careful of all the fakes they sell. I had to research before i bought this product because i didn't want to receive a fake one. I know for sure that prettyandcute sell the real product and the user 'Bellogirl' on eBay does not sell anything fake. I hope this helps!

Skin 79 Super BB cream Gold swatched on skin
The packaging. You can see the shadow effect.

Have any of you tried this product? If so, what did you think of it? Any suggestions of other BB creams to try?

Jess xo


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  2. I've bought this bb cream, but the one in th epink packaging! I love it so much, espeically the consistancy and the finish but one huge problem I find with all bb creams in general, is that I can 't wear them when I have a slight tan as it makes me look really dead due to the grey tones to it! Nonetheless, I am really interested in trying out some more :)

    rebecca x

  3. Looks like a great bb cream!
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  7. i've never tried any bb creams- but i've heard this brand is nice. i love the packaging too :)

    x Jordan
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  11. I am a big fan of BB cream. I've been using it for 2 years now. Love it.

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  15. I've used BB creams for 2 years now and haven't gone back! Try skinfood BB cream, a bit pricey but really worth it! They're huge in asia! x

  16. i really want to try BB cream!

  17. I've never tried a BB cream before but I really want to for days when I want something with lighter coverage. I've never heard of skin79 before so I will have to do some research :) xx

  18. I tried this one and I prefer it a lot more during drier times like during the winter here in Canada for me :) I like the pink lable one better for summer months and if the color doesnt work out a swirl of bronzer will fix that. I have a full blog entry about BB cream ^^ Thanks for sharing ! mayber we can follow each other ?

  19. Great post! I think you should try the BRTC jasmine water bb cream. I love that! btw, I tagged you in my new blog post so please check it out? Thank you.

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  21. excellent review!! it sounds like it might be exactly what i am looking for actually!
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  22. Another great review - thank you, Jess!!! I'm such a loser that I haven't even tried ANY bb cream at all:-( so reviews like yours are really helpful!!!

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  24. I have heard good stuff about this bb cream and been wanting to try it since the missha one failed me big time >_< thanks for ur review!! x


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