Tuesday, 22 May 2012

New Beauty Favourites!

Hey guys, so recently I went shopping with the intent to buy myself a foundation brush. I have tried so many brushes but I wasn't really happy with the end result. So I made it my mission to find the perfect foundation brush that would make my skin look flawless. 

I went to David Jones on my hunt and stumbled across the Napoleon Perdis counter. I then picked up this bad boy and was amazed. The Napoleon Perdis Buffer Brush 24r is like the holy grail of foundation brushes. It generally could be referred to as a multi-purpose brush because it can be used for more than just foundation. You can pretty much use this brush for foundation, then concealer, blush, contouring and finally powder without cleaning it in between! It's so quick and easy to use, and the application is beautiful. The lady at the Napoleon Perdis counter said that it will give my skin an airbrushed affect, and I can tell you now, she wasn't joking. The brush itself is well made and quite dense so it will definitely last a long time without getting yucky!

Finally, to sum up on this brush, its easy to clean and works wonders on the skin. The Brush itself cost me $55 dollars from David Jones, so it is definitely a little expensive for just one brush. Nonetheless, to make myself feel better about the price, i will consider this item as an investment haha. Honestly it was worth every cent. 

Now onto another beauty favourite that i have recently just tried. I have been wanting to invest in a BB cream for quite some time, but wasn't sure what to look for. If you are wondering, i have very pale skin with light freckles on my cheeks and nose. Although most people don't notice my freckles, i generally don't like them because i feel they make my skin tone look uneven. I also tend to have small breakouts quite often, and they are usually those blind suckers that are under the skin and hurt like hell! So i wanted a BB cream with some coverage. I ended up getting the Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream. Just like the name suggests, this product has three main purposes. It contains SPF 30++ for sun protection, strawberry and tangerine extract to brighten the skin and fade acne scarring, and yoghurt powder and hyaluronic acid that keeps skins supple and provides moisture. 

This product offers medium-fuller coverage compared to other BB creams and goes onto the skin quite flawlessly. Although most BB Creams have grey undertones which transform on your skin, this product has more of a tint to it so it offers a bit of colour as well. I will say however that i don't think this BB cream will be for everyone because it tends to work better on paler skin. One of my friends is Chinese and this product did not sit well on her skin because she has darker more yellow-ish undertones. 

The coverage of the product itself is quite flawless and covers up pigmentation and acne scarring, which was a massive plus for me. In terms of the brightening effect from the BB cream, i don't think i can really comment because i am still new to using this product. But i will definitely keep you all updated on that aspect in later posts. I love that the product offers high SPF especially because it can significantly help stop the skin from prematurely ageing. The product says that it contains anti-wrinkle agents, but due to my young age i haven't noticed any difference.  

All in all, this is a great product and can leave the skin looking flawless, and for approx. $29, it's a great deal. The packaging is gorgeous and the ability to distribute the product through the pump top is very hygienic. My only concern with this product is that it can leave my skin quite oily after a few hours (doesn't help that i have quite oily skin!), so i would suggest setting the product with a powder and keeping some blotting papers handy if you have combination/oily skin. Finally, you can get this product online at many different stores, but i would suggest prettyandcute.com to ensure you aren't buying a fake product.

Jess xo.


  1. This BB Cream looks amazing!!

    I actually saw your comment on another blog and just had to come check you out because I loved your blog name :)

    Your newest follower :)

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  2. it's ver convenient that this BB cream comes with a pump. mine does not and it annoys me.
    thank you for follwoing my blog, I am following yours now as well.

  3. Hey Jess!

    Thanx for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. =) I just wanted to let you know that John Lewis still has it in stock online for £60, if you're still interested in the Sisley Paris blush. They're based in the UK, but they ship internationally. =D


    1. YAY! haha thanks for the follow up comment :) I will definitely be checking it out

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  5. love it! i should try it!



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  8. I really want to try bb cremes as well!

    1. You definitely should! I would say that Skin 79 and Lioele are among the best of BB creams :)
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  9. hi Jess, you are sooo pretty!! this brush got me interested... never heard of this brand though, but i'll try to find out more about it. you have a lovely blog, i'm your newest follower! hope you get a cahnce to visit mine :) x

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